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Hunting Reports
" In brief "

May 10 This stag was taken by Andrew Pocklington and is his best to date.  It took three days of hunting and it seemed like everything
was against him.  On the first day he was too far away.  The second day saw no  opportunities present themselves.
 And the third day seemed to be turning out the same as the rest.  There was a breeze about and the mob of deer
were skiddish.  Add to this the fact that they were in a clump of dark tree ferns and it was wet, and it seemed as
though failure was following him.  But soon Andrew was sighting up the stag and the shot was loosed.
June 10 The gang! Pictured are Tum McDonald, Terry McDonald and Mark “Skipper” Taylor.
 Terry took this  unusual sambar stag at seven metres
with his new .338 on a Saturday afternoon during the beginning of June 2010.
April 10 Greg Hogan with a stag be took on Anzac Day 2010.  Greg has been watching him grow  for a couple of seasons,
and has even filmed him on a few occasions.  When Greg shot him he was in  hard velvet and
measured 27 x 29 with a rough score of about 196Dp.
The shot was taken at 220 yards with 180gn nosler ballistic tip.
April 10

Jim Craze is one of our New South Wales members and hunts with a bow and arrow.
 He currently holds the No 1 Australian
bow shot sambar deer, but as you can see he is no slouch
at the fallow deer either.  Jim’s son Peter also hunts with the bow
and arrow, and recently had a spiker at about 10 yards, but no shooting lane presented itself.
 So far  Peter has had four shots but been unsuccessful; a bit of buck fever maybe?

May 10 

Here is the members of the GDSA members that attended the Wonnangatta Club Trip 2010
that were there on the Sunday. 35 members all up made the trip in this year.It was an excellent
weekend where most of members seen Sambar and those that didn't still have a good time.

April 10 

Good mates Luke & Matt. Luke took this stag with his new Tikka T3 .338WM
with a 68gn AR 2209 ann Hornady 225gn SP projectile.
Another .338 convert!

March 10

Dennis Grundy with the results of a recent hunt to SA

March 10

Greg spotted this stag at about 45 yards and claimed him
with a single shot. He should score around 212DP

 April 10

16 year old Trent Holmes took this Hoggie on the second day
of this years season. Vital statistics are L = 14" R = 13" Weight = 43kg 

March 10

Brendon Scholes with a magnificent fallow deer taken with a
Remington 300 using 180gn corel-locks. At this stage it has not
been officially measured but an initial score puts it at around 220Dp

Aug 09 Stan with the help of good mate George, shot a 20 inch Stag using his
Blaser .300 with 180gn Accubonds at 70 mtrs
June 09
Dennis Grundy had a week holidaying with his wife in SA, but still manages to shoot
a 23inch, 21 point Fallow stag
    June 09  Gary Rodgers takes a nice 21" Sambar stag on a back pack hunt using his
Xbolt .325 wsm at 120mtrs
??? Andrew Pocklington shot a 27", 12 point red Deer stag from 80 mtrs with a .270
??? Glenn Patten shot a 28" Sambar stag from 100 mtrs with a 7.55mm magnum

Hunting Reports