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(Cervus timorensis)

RUSA DEER (Cervus timorensis) Were introduced to Australia from Malaysia in 1868. There are a number of Rusa species and they are similar to the Sambar and are able to inter-breed. The rusa is a uniform greyish/brown and has light creamy under-parts.

A mature male (stag) stands 110cm at the shoulder and weighs about 135kg the female (hind) is about two thirds the size of the stag. The stags antlers are typically six tined and the inner tops are generally parallel. A representative set of antlers would be in the 20 to 24 inch class with six tines. However they are known to grow to the 36 inch mark. One noticeable feature is that the stag decorates his antlers with a crown of grass during the rut. Most stags would have cast their antlers during January/February.

The stags roar to attract females but don't seem to fight to the extent of the Red Deer. Rusa stags do use wallows. Calves can appear at any time but peak calving is in March/April.

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